AGM Tuesday 30 June, 1700 at OCC

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The Annual General Meeting of Bay of Islands Sailing Week will be held at 5pm, Tuesday 30th June in the OCC clubrooms.

This is an open meeting and all with an interest in the regatta are warmly invited to attend.

Minutes of the previous AGM can be found here.


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Election of New Members
  4. Minutes of Previous AGM
  5. Matters Arising
  6. Chairman’s Report
  7. Financial Report
  8. Any Other Reports
  9. Constitutional Remit

Proposed Nina Kiff Seconded Tony Kiff that

  1. Objectives

To operate an annual week long yacht race for as many different classes as possible.

Be replaced by

  1. Objectives

To operate an annual sailing regatta.

11. Election of Officers

12. General Business

Chairperson’s Report – AGM 2020:

Kia Ora Koutou

Another year another successful Bay Week. The 18th edition of CRC Bay Week had record breaking entries. The committee rolled up their sleeves again, and we provided a fun regatta to our 137 entries and about 1200 sailors over 13 divisions.

With a growing event, there come growing pains: some self-inflicted and some just to throw a challenge our way. Our long term marquee supplier decided halfway through 2019 that they won’t be hiring out marquees; we had to revert to a more simple setup and also went back to local suppliers with our sound system and lighting. Sometimes less is more. The self inflicted pain was our results department; we hit a steep learning curve and endured a few hairy moments. However, the competitors, race management and protest committee all were very understanding. Thank you!

We introduced our smartphone app, and it had a high uptake with our competitors – another step to keep our event up to date with the latest technology.

We started to adapt our event to become a certified Clean Regatta, and we are proud to announce our Gold Status! A lot of hard work and rethinking has gone into this achievement. Starting with a water station at the HQ, digital sailing instructions and the big game-changer at the bar/kitchen with recycling glass, paper and food scraps and using compostable cups, plates and cutlery. We engaged with Resilient Russell, a community group who advocates recycling and reusing and most importantly educating the public during significant events. Most of our committee meetings are held online, an excellent solution to keep the cars in the garage and hold meetings in your PJs. We were well prepared for the COVID lockdown.

We saw the biggest participation in the event’s history in the Sport Boats and the Young 88 Divisions. More than 75% of our entries are still in the Islands Racing Divisions. In the past, we’ve welcomed the likes of the Weta and Tornado fleets; the challenge of securing on-water safety boats has reached a point where we just can’t provide these competitors with adequate safety. Over the years the availability of chase boats, which are generously provided by local yacht clubs, organisations and volunteers, has declined. For 2021 we will be refocusing on the needs of our core ‘big boat’ fleets.

We want to acknowledge the great support of all our sponsors. In particular:

  • Our headline sponsor CRC
  • NZL Sailing Foundation, North Sails,Explore Otehei Bay
  • New World Kerikeri, Mount Gay
  • KZ Marine, Luxury Real Estate, Gurit, Bluefix
  • Burnsco, BOI Marina
  • And everyone else who supported us!

Lorraine Kite, Founding Member, Hon Secretary and self-proclaimed Keeper of the History and Constitution is stepping down from her role today. Thank you, Lorraine, for all your support since day one!

Thanks to all of you for being part of our venture and delivering New Zealand’s Greatest Big Boat Regatta. We were a fantastic team of 58 volunteers. It was amazing to watch you all getting on with it and giving back to our communities and the sport we love.

On behalf of the Bay of Islands Sailing Week Committee

Manuela Gmuer-Hornell

Russell, Bay of Islands, 10/6/2020

Treasurer’s Report – AGM 2020:

Strong ongoing support from our sponsors, along with record entries, has resulted in income increasing to $111,105 this year. A reduction in expenditure of $21,965 results from the voluntary input from the committee and our large group of volunteers and helpers, together with a reduction of expenditure in some areas. This has resulted in lower operational costs of $85,518 and has given an overall operational surplus of $25,587 this regatta. This is up from the previous year’s small deficit of $757.

Cash reserves now stand at $136,457 and over the past year there were capital purchases of $7,571 relating to storage facilities, race equipment and software upgrades.

While cash reserves remain healthy, it should be noted the costs to run the regatta is $85,518. This is largely paid out prior to the regatta commencing. It is essential there are funds on hand to cover any unexpected eventuality, as has been witnessed in the very uncertain times we are now in. It is fortunate the Covid 19 lockdown occurred after the 2020 regatta.

For future success, we recognise the huge role of long term sponsors. Our priority is always to ensure they continue to get value for their sponsorship dollar. This is recognised by the huge efforts Helen puts into media and marketing. The voluntary efforts of Manuela with her administration, in growing sponsorship, liaising with YNZ, and the committee and volunteers has to be acknowledged and is reflected in the financial performance this year

Financial success in future years will be thanks to the sponsors, the many volunteers, the committee and most importantly sailing community who enter and support the regatta.

David Krebs