North Sails Weather Forecast – Tuesday 24 Jan

TUE 24 8.15am

The wind has shifted and settled from E-NE.
Tropical low pressure to the NW and high pressure to the SE – shifting to be near the Chatams.
Between the low and the high, the E-NE gradient will strengthen today and tomorrow – peak wind and peak rain will be later Thursday to Friday as the low to the north comes closer; the main global models differ on the timing of max wind. The low will weaken over the weekend and also drift back to the north.

E then ENE wind today – building all day with max wind later afternoon – always more wind out wide and offshore, outside C Brett; so less in close and more on the open Bay and outside.
Wind direction will bend slightly right heading out across the Bay.
It will be fairly cloudy with the odd light shower for the outer Bay later today.
Wind waves across the Bay will build from 0.5m to peak 1.6m in the later afternoon.
There will be a 1m to 1.5m E swell outside.

FORECAST (average TWS, not gust)
0800 ESE-E-ENE/6-10
1000 060-080/11-14
1200 040-060/12-15
1400 040-060/14-17
1600 030-060/15-18
1800 030-060/15-18

WED 25 ENE-NE/16-22; probably dry
THU 26 ENE/20-25; few showers
FRI 27 NE/22-27; rain – locally heavy falls

SAT 28 NE-E-ESE/10-20
SUN 29 ENE-NE/14-18