About Us

In May 2002 an inaugural committee was founded for Bay of Islands Sailing Week Inc. With a $500 loan from each of the four Bay of Islands boating clubs and a $5000 grant from the Far North District Council – the first regatta was underway with Tony Kiff as Chairman, Nina Kiff, Treasurer; Lorraine Kite, Secretary, Paul Karl, OCC rep, David Hope-Lewis, BOIYC rep, Lawrence Scott, RBC rep and Ray Haslar, KCC rep.

The CRC Bay of Islands Sailing Week is run by volunteers.  During the actual race week there can be up to sixty people giving their time and energy, resulting in one of the best regattas in New Zealand.  The current Bay of Islands Sailing Week committee is chaired by Manuela Gmuer-Hornell with committee members Andrew Riddell, Melanie McDiarmid, Helen Horrocks, Lorraine Kite, Robbs Hielkema, and Tony and Nina Kiff. A dedicated and well rounded group, bringing racing of an international standard to the New Zealand sailing community.

2018 will be the 16th year of the regatta. The CRC Bay of Islands Sailing Week is here to stay with new and exciting innovations every year.

Committee Members

Name Role Phone Mobile
Manuela Gmuer-Hornell Chairperson -- 021 445 529
Andrew Riddell Treasurer 09 403 7177 022 12 66 232
Lorraine Kite Secretary -- --
Melanie MacDiarmid Administrator 09 407 6911 021 025 39395
Helen Horrocks Publicity and Media Liaison -- 0211 583 199
Robbs Hielkema BOIYC Representative -- 021 858 897
Nina Kiff Committee Member -- 021 217 3625
Tony Kiff Committee Member -- 027 478 4843