Thinking of Entering?

Entering — Answers to Your Questions

If you have an entry question send it to us at and we can add it to this page.

Which Division Should I Enter?

If you have a sports boat, a Tornado, Weta, or a Young 88 or want to race without spinnakers it is easy — you have your own special divisions to enter.  Other multihulls can chose between M Division or the cruisier Island Racing E division.

For the rest, you have the choice between the general racing divisions (A, B, C, and E) or the Island Racing divisions A, B or C.
The general racing divisions offer up to three races a day depending on the wind. The three races per day may be 2 windward/leewards followed by a bay race.

The boundaries between these general racing divisions is fuzzy. We want fleets that are competitive so we may shift boats between divisions, or combine divisions, or, if entry numbers warrant it, create new divisions, to achieve that.

However as a general guide, the divisions are divided roughly like this:

A 0.970 and above 1.300 and above 15.1 m & above
B 0.830 – 0.970 1.100 – 1.299 12 m – 15 m
C 0.700 – 0.829 less than 1.100 8.8 m – 11.9 m
E less than 0.700 below 8.8 m

The Island Racing divisions are for more laid back racers. One race around the Bay of Islands each day. And you start half an hour later than the general racing fleet, so you get to sleep in as well.

Larger and faster boats will be in Island Racing A, medium sized boats in Island Racing B and the smaller and/or slower boats in Island Racing C. Probably around the 12 metre length will be the dividing line between Island Racing A and Island Racing B, although faster 10 metre boats can also expect to be placed in Island Racing A. The dividing line between Island Racing B and Island Racing C will be around 10 metres length.

Once most entries are received we can review this with the aim of getting competitive fleets with about the same number of boats in them. You can use spinnakers in Island Racing Divisions A, B and C.

We also offer a non-spinnaker division – the Island Racing D (Non-Spinnaker) division.

What about multihulls?

You have 4 options — M, Tornado, Weta and Island Racing E divisions.

I Have Entered — What Happens Next?

You should get a return email acknowledging your entry and providing our bank account details so you can pay your entry fee.

Your entry will usually show on the Entry List within two days.

You can follow us on Facebook (@bayofislandssailingweek), Twitter (@BOISailingWeek) or on our web page or subscribe to our newsletter here.

The Regatta Information page has details about arranging your mooring and accommodation during the regatta.

And we will see you at Registration on Tuesday 22 January 2019 between 1600 and 1800 hrs in the regatta Marquee. There is no race briefing.

My Entry Isn’t Showing on the Entries List Page

If your entry isn’t showing by then please email or phone Andrew Riddell at 09 403 7177 and we will follow it up.

I Don’t Want to Enter On-Line

Contact us (, or PO Box 45, OPUA 0241, or phone 09 403 7177 and request a paper entry form be sent to you.

I Don’t Have a PHRF or IRC Handicap — Does That Matter?

In a word – no. All boats, except those in the Weta Division, get general handicaps anyway.

I Don’t Want to Use a Spinnaker — Can I Still Enter?

Yes we offer the Island Racing D (Non-Spinnaker) division.

Where Are The Sailing Instructions?

The Sailing Instructions will be available at Registration on Tuesday 22 January 2019 between 1600 and 1800 hrs in the Marquee beside the Opua Crusing Club. There is no race briefing.

I am looking for a crewing position or I am looking for crew

We have a Crew Wanted & Available web page where people seeking a crewing position or looking for crew can list themselves. Email to register.