A word from our headline sponsor: CRC

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Bay of Islands Sailing Week is proudly supported by CRC. Without their loyal support over the years, this event just wouldn’t be possible. Here’s a quick word from our headline sponsor…

CRC is proud to partner with the Bay Of Islands Sailing Week in 2020. Over the years, CRC Industries New Zealand has developed a range of top-tier products made right here in NZ. These facilities support CRC’s global operation and ensure that Kiwis have the best of both worlds: products manufactured specifically for New Zealand conditions, and using the latest technologies available worldwide.

Our enthusiastic team are devoted to producing a range of great products that really work. It’s our passion for our products that has made us a trusted brand that is synonymous with quality and performance, as we continue to cater for Kiwis who want to get out there and get their hands dirty and their sails wet. We are proud to have been voted one of NZ’s Most Trusted Brands. Enjoy the week.

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