North Sails Weather – Thursday 25 Jan

THU 25. 8.30am


Yesterday , there was a quite a difference between the western/in close areas of the Bay where the left was only really evident in the early to mid morning. Out to the east, it was left for long er and later in the day – sailing across the Bay would be in and out of the 2 breezes?

Today – still a S flow across the Bay – actually more S-SSW now varying mostly between 10 and 15 kts.

Tomorrow much less strength to the flow and the breeze will shift E and NE-N in the afternoon.

At the weekend – the breeze will be around to the pre-frontal NW direction; not strong Saturday then strengthening Sunday with some rain developing ahead of a front on Sunday night.


S-SSW breeze this morning, varying mostly 10-15 kts across the Bay increasing the next few hours with mixing and then trending left all areas but for longer and more left in the east; the breeze coming back right from the west in the later afternoon. The split varies but areas in close – west of a line from Russell to Moturoa – is where the breeze comes back to the right.

It is possible that the left breeze will push in all the way across the Bay for the mid afternoon period – not coming back to the S there until 6-7pm tonight?

Fairly cloud but dry all day with some sunshine later.


  1. obs. S-SSW/10 in close and 12-15 kts out wide.
  2. 160-180/14-18
  3. 150-170/10-15
  4. SSE-S/6-10 in the west and SE-E/10-15 in the east; possibly more left all areas?
  5. SSE-S/9-12 in the west and ESE-E/13-16 in the east; possibly more left all areas?
  6. SSE-S/10-15 in the west and E/10-13 in the east.


FRI 26. SSW-S/5-10 then shift to NE-N/12-15 all areas for the afternoon

SAT 27. W-/5-8 then NW-NNW/13-17 afternoon

SUN 28. NW/5-10 then NW/15-20; rain developing