Sailing Instructions available now

Sailing Instructions for Bay of Islands Sailing Week 2024 have been published and are now available on the BOISW app and website.

Please note – SIs are available in digital format only. There will be NO printed copies in skippers packs. This is part of our ongoing commitment to running a Clean Regatta by reducing waste.

The best way to access the Sailing Instructions is via the BOISW app. This will let you view them even where there is no cellphone service. Please check the SIs tab to ensure you can see the Sailing Instructions BEFORE you head out racing.

With the app on your phone and notifications enabled, you’ll also get instant notifications of any amendments or important updates.

We strongly recommend as many of your crew as possible download the app to ensure that any important messages get through to your boat while you’re on the water.

Struggling with the app?

We know in the past some people have had issues using the app. We’ve done extensive testing and upgrading, so we’d encourage you to delete/reinstall the app (for iPhone and Android devices) if you’re having trouble with it. Please do this while connected to Wifi (not mobile data) to ensure the latest version is downloaded. Using mobile data can lead to downloading an older cached version.

We recommend using the app so you can access the SIs even where there is no cellphone service, which includes several spots in the Bay of Islands. Please also enable push notifications for instant access to any SI amendments and important updates while you’re on the water.

If you still have trouble downloading or using the app, you can also view the Sailing Instructions on the website.

Have you joined the BOISW Fleet WhatsApp?

We’ll also be using WhatsApp in addition to the BOISW app to push important notifications out to competitors on the water.

To ensure you receive all important notifications, we highly recommend you and your crew download both the BOISW app and join the BOISW Fleet WhatsApp.

The more people who are ‘connected’ on your boat, the more likely you are to get timely notification of any important updates.

Briefing at 1700hrs on Tuesday 23 January

This year there will be a mandatory Briefing for competitors at 5pm after Registration on Tuesday, which at least one person from each boat – ideally the skipper – must attend.

This is to communicate important safety and race information, so please ensure at least one person from your boat is available, and all crews are encouraged to attend.

A Health & Safety and Emergency Response Plan is also available on the website and app, and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the safety requirements and protocols that apply to everyone participating in the regatta.