Bay of Islands Marine Mammal Sanctuary Restrictions

© Lissa Photography | | @Lissaphotography

You’ve no doubt heard about the Bay of Islands Marine Mammal Sanctuary which came into force last year. While Bay of Islands Sailing Week has been granted an exemption to these restrictions for racing, you still need to be aware of the restrictions in force throughout the Bay, and adhere to them while not racing in the regatta.

Please take a look at the Department of Conservation website for full details of all the restrictions in force, and remember the three key restrictions during your time on the water in the Bay of Islands:

  • No one is allowed in the water within 300m of a marine mammal.
  • No vessel to approach within 300m of marine mammals – if your vessel breaches the 300m rule for a marine mammal you must stop. You must remain stopped until any marine mammals are at least 300m away.
  • You must travel 5 knots or less at all times while within the marine mammal safe zones.

Please remember that the future of Bay of Islands Sailing Week depends on our successfully being granted an exemption by DOC each year, so we’d appreciate it if you and your crew could comply with all restrictions while not racing.

Thank you!