Breaking: Officials responding to probable community case of Covid-19 in Northland

Update 1700hrs, Sun 24 Jan:

Following a live press conference from the Beehive at 1600hrs, we now know there is one case of Covid-19 in Northland which has been traced back to an MIQ facility.

The government has not changed the alert levels at this stage, so we are proceeding as normal and remain hopeful that BOISW can proceed without implications.

We will of course remain closely tuned to developments around this, and we expect to know more tomorrow. We’ll keep you fully updated of any developments and how they might affect BOISW as they occur.

In the event that we need to cancel due to a raised alert level, we will of course issue full refunds to all participants. You can see the COVID-19 policy that we published earlier this year here to learn more about our planned response to any raise in alert levels.

In the meantime, please keep calm, stay hopeful that we can proceed as planned, and continue to follow government guidance:

  1. Get a test and stay home if you feel unwell.
  2. Use the NZ Covid Tracer App and keep Bluetooth enabled on your phone.
  3. Wash your hands.

1155hrs, Sun 24 Jan:

Health officials are responding to what is believed to be a new case of community transmission. Photo / Mark Mitchell / NZ Herald

Unfortunately we have just heard there is a probable community case of COVID-19 in Northland. There will be a press conference from the Beehive at 4pm today when we’ll hopefully know more.

Fingers firmly crossed we can still go ahead, but of course we will follow whatever Government guidelines are in place. Stay tuned, and stay hopeful.

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