North Sails Weather Forecast – Friday 29 Jan

FRI 29  8.30am


Yesterday was going to be a tricky day with the W gradient and the sea breeze from the east coast – it turned out even more difficult as the W gradient had a ding dong battle with the sea breeze – somewhere mid Bay! The sea breeze looks to have finally won out but only for a time, with the W coming back later in the day.


A front crossed after midnight and the driving gradient flow is now much stronger from the SSW. That stronger breeze aloft is yet to mix down to the surface, the Bay winds are SW/7-12, whereas the west coast (open to the wind) is presently SSW-S/25-30.

That stronger breeze aloft will mix down this morning and will be in all day, with a slight drift to the left in the afternoon.

Max breeze mid to late morning with some easing and the slight left in the afternoon.

Should be fairly sunny all day.


FORECAST  (average range tws, no gust)

08    obs  SW/8-12

10  180-200/16-20

12  180-200/17-22

14  170-200/17-21

16  170-190/16-20

18  160-180/15-18

20  160-180/14-18



The first of the tropical lows to the north is slipping away to the SE.

The second and third tropical low up near Vanuatu and Fiji will intensify and may come south during/later next week.

Whether they can punch through the high pressure ridge is not at all certain.

Outlook below for daytime winds – at night, wind will be softer and more S on the Bay and near the coast.



SAT 30  E/15-20

SUN 31  E/13-17

MON 01  SE/8-12 then E-ENE/12-16

TUE 02  ENE/14-17

WED 03  ESE/13-16