North Sails Weather Forecast – NZLSF Race Day 1 – Wed 25 Jan

WED 25  8.30am

No real change with the situation; slow moving low pressure to the NW and high pressure to the SE.
The low will edge closer to the North Island by Friday and then move to the west at the weekend – but the associated trough will lay from the low to the NE, so the compression between the low/trough and the high pressure will remain for the Gulf and east coast from Auckland to BOI.
The 2 main global models have been at odds for Friday and Saturday  – they are in better agreement this morning and both indicate that the present spell of generally NE winds will persist through to the middle of next week, if not the end of next week.

Quite fresh and gusty ENE wind today – stronger and more gusty on the outer Bay than in close.
Wind this morning varies from 10 kts in close and near 20 kts on the centre and eastern Bay areas.
it’s likely that the ENE wind will be strongest later this morning to midday and then drop back a little this afternoon.
The ENE wind direction unlikely to change a great deal.
A mix of cloud and sunshine – should be dry today – some showers tomorrow afternoon and rain likely on Friday.
1m waves with 1.7-2m waves on open areas to the east.

FORECAST (average TWS, not gust)
0800  060-090/12-18
1000  060-080/15-20
1200  060-080/18-22
1400  050-080/18-22
1600  050-080/17-21
1800  050-080/17-20

THU 26  ENE-NE/20-25; few afternoon showers
FRI 27  NE/20-30; rain – locally heavy falls

SAT 28  NE-N shifting NE-E/15-20 going south
SUN 29  NE/20-25