North Sails Weather Forecast – Wednesday 27 January

WED 27  8.30am



High pressure is very close today – pretty much spread across the northern half of the North Island.

Still a SW gradient flow, but very soft and a sea breeze will easily develop.

Tomorrow the high pressure system pulls away quickly as a front runs north across NZ – the front will cross Cook St around midday, pass Auckland in the evening and reach BOI in the early hours of Friday morning.

That will bring S winds – a wind coming off much of Northland – a flow and a shifty breeze with long term phasing in wind speed and direction; it should be fairly sunny.



The global models are still in a disagreement about next week.

The GFS model has a much more defined SE-E wind change for the BOI early SAT 30 morning and tracks the tropical low from near Vanuatu towards the North Island and has a near direct hit with Cape Reinga next FRI 05 with E then NE winds all next week at 20 kts then 30-35 kts.

The EC and Aussie AXS models are not so bullish, the slip the first tropical low away to the SE but do threaten with further tropical lows later next week.

More as we get closer!



The morning W-SW flow is rather weak and the N sea breeze should develop easily this morning – get into the Bay before midday, reach a max in the mid afternoon and keep running well into the evening while nudging a little left in direction.

Should be fairly sunny all day.


WED 27  (average range tws, no gust)


08  S/5-8

10  light and variable

12  N/6-9

14  350-010/10-13

16  360-020/14-17

18  340-360/12-15

20  330-350/11-14


THU 28

Another good sea breeze but starting later and finishing earlier but hopefully still a good breeze for the early to mid afternoon period.

FORECAST  (average range tws, no gust)

08   S/5-8

10  S-SW/4-7

12  320-340/4-7

14  330-350/14-17 peak breeze 3pm

16  350-010/8-11

18  NE-E-SE/7-11

20  SSE/10-15


FRI 29  

The front has pushed through and the flow is stronger S all day and that should tend a little left and may ease a tad for the afternoon.

FORECAST  (average range tws, no gust)

08   S/14-17

10  170-190/17-21

12  170-190/18-22

14  170-190/18-22

16  160-180/17-21

18  160-180/16-20

20  160-180/16-19