Weather by Clouds: Thursday 25 January

THU 25

High pressure to the west of Northland over the E Tasman Sea – a ridge from the high to the east across Northland.
Rather soft SW-SE winds early morning with a left thermal shift to NE-N in the afternoons.
Not a great deal of change tomorrow compared with today.
Fairly sunny – but again the afternoon heating and convergence between west coast and east coast breezes is likely to generate a convergence zone inland with some showers and/or thunderstorms in that area.

Fairly sunny morning – light SW-S inshore and S-SSE outside off Brett.
Convective cloud building land on the sea breeze convergence line during the afternoon – probably remaining inland?
Quick left hand trend mid to late morning then NNE-N breeze this afternoon – max breeze early afternoon with 8-11 kts.

1000 SE-ESE/4-7 with a left trend
1200 030-050/7-9
1400 020-040/9-12
1600 360-020/8-11
1800 330-350/4-7

FRI 26 SE-E-NE/6-9 then NNE/10-14