Weather by Clouds: Wednesday 24 January

WED 24


Most shower activity has cleared – but afternoon heating and convergent winds from both sides of Northland generated a line of showers/storms inland this afternoon. The same will occur tomorrow – but should be less pronounced.
The high and the ridge are slow moving – wit SE-NE winds most days.


During the day – high pressure will settle west of Northland over the eastern Tasman Sea and wind has shifted to the SW-S.
The S winds this morning will shift left during the day – thermally and also a gradient wind shift. Being fairly cloudy, the thermal pull is not terrific.
More right outside from Brett; inside the breeze will be more left – so you’d expect a right bend in the breeze heading away from the BOI.


1000 SSE-SE/8-11

1200 090-110/10-13

1400 060-080/11-14

1600 040-060/10-13

1800 030-050/5-8


THU 25 S/3-5 then variable then NE-NNE/12-15

FRI 26 SE-E-NE/6-9 then NNE/11-13